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We're excited to have just released a brand new acoustic version of a single we wrote and originally released back in early 2017. It's titled "I Talk to Myself about You" and it features Savannah Rubino on vocals. It was collaboratively written with some terrific people: Shannon Outley, Joe Freeman, Jr. and John Martin. It was recorded at Fishbowl Recording Studio in St. Augustine, Florida under the direction of Lu Rubino and was mastered by Morrisound in Tampa, Florida. We're thinking this tune conveys a heartfelt message that we are all very familiar with. Afterall, haven't we all talked to ourselves about someone? Most likely daily, huh!  Give it a listen now while you're here and let us know what you think! 


We're also excited about the recent release of our first album, 18 original songs. We worked and collaborated with so many awesome people to bring this together. You can check it out at the following link: https://tomfreemanmusic.hearnow.com/ and you can also check them all out here!


Included on our first album was our last single release titled "Truth." This song was written in collaboration with Shannon Outley and Lu Rubino. This one is about the heartfelt emotions we go through when things go sideways in a relationship. This tune brings together a classic country sound with today's country.  It was an honor to have "Truth" featured on local country station WQIK 99.1 during their new music segment on Sunday nights.  Hearing our names and song coming up right after Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood was a thrill and extremely proud moment for us. 


You can also check us out on Pandora at Tom Freeman Radio!


We're also very excited about our newly remixed and remastered releases of "Shiny Ford Pickup Truck", "You and Me", "Your Life Without Me", "Come on Country Girl", "It's Still Friday Night", "I'm Tired of It", and "On the Other Side." All are available on our first album.


Stay tuned, we've got plans for more new music in 2017!



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