Tom Freeman

Wow, what an awesome life experience it is writing, recording, and performing. We're blessed with wonderful connections and opportunities, and to be collaborating with so many talented and influential artists, musicians and songwriters. With so many terrific artistic influences, along with our unrelenting commitment to continue to grow, we're always looking forward to our next release. We always go into each new song applying all of our lessons learned, knowing it has the potential to be our best yet! That's exciting!

A little bit of musical history about me. Some of my earliest memories are playing my mom's organ, then moving on to the guitar. I initially began playing by ear. I was taught to read notes when I was very young, but I did not embrace this experience. I remember it felt very constraining at the time, so I ended up going back to what felt natural for me.


Ah my first singing experience. I was 8 years old and it was for family and friends. I sang with the door closed to my bedroom while family members and friends had to listen from the living room. I was very shy, but I loved the reaction and the way it made me feel, I was hooked for life!

In my teens, I recall very special times playing in a band with my brother at street dances, community center events and high school dances. Music is what differentiated me growing up. I quickly learned that girls like boys that play in the band!

Song writing came a little later, as young adult. At that time, I began collaborating very closely with my dad as I learned he was a very good poet. We began writing songs about life.

I'm very grateful to be a part of something so special that brings so much joy, pleasure and connection.

Thank you so much for your support!